Society has come a long way with accepting people for who they are, the LGBTQ community has gained some visibility in recent years and is on its way to being wholly accepted. There is still so much hatred and cruelty toward these different labels, and I wanted to shed a light on how these individuals are no different than anyone else in this world. This is Vivian, a four-year-old transgender, now thriving and being free to be who she was meant to be. I have known Vivian since she was a toddler, babysitting and being around her amazing family since I was twelve. Vivian is as vibrant as she was when her parents brought her home. Vivians’ parents have seen a total change in her attitude and behavior since she has started being herself. Living with two brothers, Vivian is the same kid who loves to play Minecraft, Star Wars legos, and baseball, but with a little extra sparkle these days. Her mother fears allowing her to go to the bathroom by herself in public, now think about that, her mother is scared for her to go to the restroom by herself. We live in day and age where yes some do practice tolerance, but there is still a population of people who have hatred in their heart and are too ignorant to be open to change. Through this body of work, I hope you see Vivian’s pure happiness. Vivian, who might not be our society's idea of normal is an amazing kid and I have had the honor of watching her grow up and continue on her journey. Vivian is as unique as the day she was born, with a laugh that can light up a room and love that can warm anyone's heart.

Gun Silence

Looking for mass shooting statistics, I found articles from 2013 talking about how the government needs to do something about gun violence. America has been poisoned by this gun-violence epidemic for too long. The Pulse nightclub mass shooting occurred on June 11th, 2016, in less than two years later Marjory Stoneman Douglas was struck with the same tragedy. As a high school student in South Florida, these recent shootings in my community and nationally has made me scared to leave my home and enjoy life, knowing that these shootings can really happen anywhere. We have become desensitized to mass shootings, hearing about another one does not rattle us anymore, when these things should shake us to our core. This body of work is about the loss of innocence, injustice and the need to take action.

                                                                                            Inspiration for Project
Edward Burtynsky uses his large scale color photographs to explore landscapes that have been transformed by humans. Amongst the work he has explored I am most interested in his mineral extraction, manufacturing sites, and disposal facilities as it relates to my project on deforestation. His aerial landscapes show how humans take advantage of the availability of the resources we have on Earth. His work inspired me to use time lapses of aerial views of deforestation. Wanting to incorporate visuals of deforestation rather than statistics. His work is incredibly authentic and shows the world for what it really is, his photographs make you want to make a change or help out in any way you can. It’s important to educate people on just how much land we are taking advantage of and to create a solution to prevent further deforestation. Naziha Mestaoi is a Belgian artist who works out of Paris. She is the best known for her organization One Heart, One Tree, which supports and helps with reforestation across the world. Her work creates a bridge between virtual reality, technology, and nature, as well as what is visible and invisible to us. By displaying these “Forests of Light” across widely known monuments such as the Lourve, the Eiffel Tower, and Hotel de Ville among others she is reaching an enormous amount of people who come to look at these places every day. Her work uses the social framework to get people to be environmentally aware, by using these creative and fun ways of teaching people about deforestation viewers become more inclined to help and research and learn about the crisis our world is in.


In exploring the word dichotomy I discovered how we are living in one, media around us has manipulated us to a point where we dont know what real anymore. When we think about the media today we hear the words “fake news” quite often. We have become a pawn in the media game. It has become harder and harder to trust what we see on the other side of the screen. With this project I wanted to make the unexpected. Things that you wouldn’t naturally see in your everyday life, but look so real that you believe it. In reality that’s what our everyday life is, seeing things that look so real to you that once you take a closer look you realize that it was manipulated by the person who is showing it to you. Using film to show this project also represented a dichotomy through my process. When we use film we use because we believe its the most authentic form of media and photography and by using and manipulating how we see film in my work I am also bending that stereotype of film.


                                                                                                     Long Lost Family
  I found these images at a thrift store in South Philly, I've been there before so I knew I was going to find some interesting stuff. They had about 4 milk crates filled up with old film photos. I grabbed a chair and shuffled through thousands of those photos for hours. When I was searching I was looking for images that would look like they were in a family album. My goal was to set it up as if all of these random people could genuinely look like a family and show their history through a timeline collage.Everyone in these images are happy and wholesome. I grew up adopted and not knowing about my ancestors or past so in doing this project I pretended they were my family and how they would want to be represented. After spending so much time with these images I didn't want to destroy and manipulate the original copy so I decided to scan them into my computer. I could have hidden their identity but I wanted the viewer to feel the same connection I did with the people in these images. I made up stories about them in my head who they were, what they did for a living, and how they fit into the larger picture as well. In collaging the images together I focused on color tones, how the images overlayed each other. As well as wanting the viewer to understand the timeline I scanned the back of the images that had writing so the viewer could understand more about the family and who they were. What is crazy to me is to think about where these images could’ve ended up.

                                                                                               Purposely Wes Anderson

With this project, I took inspiration from the film director Wes Anderson. Starting with color palettes, mood boarding, and thrift shopping I was able to put together six different shoots incorporating his style of attire and environment. Anderson’s color palettes are aesthetically pleasing to look at and also go along with the environment they are in. I chose to only use women for this project to highlight my friends and the people who have helped me grow in Philadelphia. Every person in this series has helped me break out of my shell since living in Philadelphia. Not only has this year been catastrophically challenging as an artist, but it has also been difficult to incorporate creativity into my work. In using women for this project it was pertinent that the environment was just as bold as the women in them. Not only was I being meticulous about what went into the photo I was just as meticulous setting the images up. Anderson is keen on symmetry and cohesion. I hope I did my friends justice in representing them as strong and beautiful women in this country.