Society has come a long way with accepting people for who they are, the LGBTQ community has gained some visibility in recent years and is on its way to being wholly accepted. There is still so much hatred and cruelty toward these different labels, and I wanted to shed a light on how these individuals are no different than anyone else in this world. This is Vivian, a four-year-old transgender, now thriving and being free to be who she was meant to be. I have known Vivian since she was a toddler, babysitting and being around her amazing family since I was twelve. Vivian is as vibrant as she was when her parents brought her home. Vivians’ parents have seen a total change in her attitude and behavior since she has started being herself. Living with two brothers, Vivian is the same kid who loves to play Minecraft, Star Wars legos, and baseball, but with a little extra sparkle these days. Her mother fears allowing her to go to the bathroom by herself in public, now think about that, her mother is scared for her to go to the restroom by herself. We live in day and age where yes some do practice tolerance, but there is still a population of people who have hatred in their heart and are too ignorant to be open to change. Through this body of work, I hope you see Vivian’s pure happiness. Vivian, who might not be our society's idea of normal is an amazing kid and I have had the honor of watching her grow up and continue on her journey. Vivian is as unique as the day she was born, with a laugh that can light up a room and love that can warm anyone's heart.

Gun Silence

Looking for mass shooting statistics, I found articles from 2013 talking about how the government needs to do something about gun violence. America has been poisoned by this gun-violence epidemic for too long. The Pulse nightclub mass shooting occurred on June 11th, 2016, in less than two years later Marjory Stoneman Douglas was struck with the same tragedy. As a high school student in South Florida, these recent shootings in my community and nationally has made me scared to leave my home and enjoy life, knowing that these shootings can really happen anywhere. We have become desensitized to mass shootings, hearing about another one does not rattle us anymore, when these things should shake us to our core. This body of work is about the loss of innocence, injustice and the need to take action.